Zac Xavier is called from a meeting to find his wife, a teacher, is in a lockdown situation at her school. Rushing across town, he remembers when they first met.
In fear for her life, Emma is determined to protect her students at all costs. But while danger lurks closer, she flashes back to meeting her beloved husband.
Zac won’t stop until Emma’s safe, and Emma will do what she has to in order to protect her students. Will their love affair meet a tragic end or will they get their happily ever after?
Publisher’s Warning: Getting To You involves an Active Shooter school shooting with casualties and may be a trigger for some readers.

Getting to You by M.L. Uberti

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Published by Changeling Press

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Exiled from her home to a strange world, will Calla find love with a prince of fire, or danger around every corner that threatens to tear them apart?

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Sold. When her father contracts her to the Galactic Breeding Program, Briar Perrault is forced to go to a planet in another galaxy to be mated with an alien she has never met, one who clearly is not excited about the prospect of a Human bride.

Axic Seven has spent his life serving his world’s military, accomplished and proud, and believes Humans are a necessary evil -- perfect for procreation but otherwise weak and inane.

When Briar challenges those beliefs, Axic finds himself fascinated with her strength and humor. But will it be too late to win her heart by the time he realizes she is meant to be his happily ever after?

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Starbucks aficionado, lover of throw blankets and betrayer of all things kale, ML Uberti is a Wayne State University graduate and Metro Detroit author with a predilection for oddities and happy endings. She is mom to three autistic kids, 2 ridiculously stupid dogs and wife of a teacher and musician who has endless patience for her impeccably bad taste in Netflix shows and murder documentaries. She is published on all platforms, specializing in stories of scifi, erotic and contemporary romance and hopes you enjoy her big, brooding alphas and resilient, quirky heroines.

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Sleeping Nova

(Available December 2020)

By the time alien Axic Seven falls for his lottery bride, will it be too late for him to win her?

The first book in the Galactic Breeding Program will be released December 2020 from Changeling Press! 

Unbreakable Cover


(Available NOW!!!)

Aurora Whitaker has never met Beckett Carlisle before, but a request from her friend causes their paths to cross and the chemistry between them is off the charts. 

Promise Cover
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Caroline Ward wasn’t always her name, but it’s the one she bought and paid for when she ran away after 26 years on the razor’s edge with her mobster father in Las Vegas..

Island Distraction

Island Distraction

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Marley Jackson has always known that in order to not end up stuck in the small town of Angler’s Haven, South Carolina, she needs to plan her every move precisely or be blindsided by things outside her control. 


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"Wow- what a great debut book for M.L. Uberti! This book was wonderfully written. There was so much in this book, friendship, love, heartache, amazing sex scenes, and twists and turns that you don't see coming! I loved it from start to finish. I can't wait to read more from this author."

- R. Moore, Reader, Unbreakable (Amazon.com)